Is It Too Early to Prepare?

Honesty Hour.  I start nursing school in approximately two months.  Guess what?  I am terrified.  I am also extremely excited, overjoyed.  And nervous.  Really nervous.  I love school.  Seriously.  I love school.  I loved elementary, middle, high, and even college.  I love to learn.  I have spent the last six months not in a formal college class and it has been a weird time in my life.  I am ready to get back to academia.  I really enjoy buying textbooks, minus the $2,000 I have to spend on them.  Anyone ever want to buy me textbooks, just let me know 😉 There are also so many other things I need for nursing school.  Scrubs, stethoscope, BP cuff, flashlight and a bunch of other things not listed.  Does anyone have in opinions on Dansko’s professional shoes?  I need black ones and it hurts my heart a little seeing the price.  I have yet to buy those.  I need advice too.  What are some things not usually listed on the supply guide that nursing student find useful?  I already bought a nifty WhiteCoat clipboard.  

Another big issue I am having, probably because I worry about everything is: what type of bag do I need?  Seriously though.  Do I need a book bag? Am I too old for a book bag?  Should I get an oversized bag?  Someone help a girl out!  I need opinions before this issue keeps from sleeping. 



Thanks in Advance





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